Saturday, September 26, 2009


is nice. That's my stock response right now, because it is in fact nice. Hubby's new job keeps him really busy (I married a workaholic) and it's definitely challenging him which is great. But for me, I'm bored. I got a part time job at Hallmark and am looking for something full time or at least another part time job that might be in my field, but there aren't a whole lot of theatre jobs in central PA. At least, not that I have become aware of yet. I have applied for a stage management job with the college of music and am very hopeful for that one.

I've become quite the housewife in the last few weeks. I clean up during the day and cook dinner so it' ready when he gets home. I've never really thought too much one way or the other about the "role of the woman" to cook and clean. I figure some women want to do those things and some don't. I really like the cooking part- it's the part of the day I look forward to the most right now. And I know the husband doesn't expect to have "dinner on the table" when he gets home, I just actually like to cook and am enjoying having the time and opportunity to do so!

As for the rest of Pennsylvania, I'm not 100% sold on it yet. And I think I will be but right now my day is spent mostly inside and I get bored easily. I have gotten out, don't get me wrong- I've explored the little town we live in, Bellefonte, and seen some of the Victorian homes in the area and I really like the quaint little downtown area- there's a lovely little coffee shop and little gift stores that are all really nice. The thing I am missing is the feeling that I have a life with friends and something outside the home. I joined a book club and we'll meet for the first time next week so I'm hoping that will help to open up my social scene a bit. And hopefully I'll get a job that will also help my social scene some and get me meeting new people.

I'm not depressed about being here and I'm not feeling dejected here, I just feel like I'm in a bit of a rut. This is the first time I've moved somewhere and it had nothing to do with me really. I am thrilled for the hubby and am so glad we are here, but now I'm ready for a reason for me to love it too, if that makes sense. I know it will happen, I've always been able to make friends in new places in the past and I am sure I will here as well.

To all my Memphis friends, I miss you guys like crazy!

And one other thing- the shopping here, not so great. I need to explore the downtown State College area more because there are a lot of boutique type stores down there but I have not found a favorite store yet. Even the Macy's is disappointing- way smaller than what I was used to in Memphis. My friends that know how much I love to shop understand why this is a concern. There is a Kohl's so I can still get Vera Wang. Thank Goodness!! At least I have Vera!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Las Vegas, Part Deux!

I'm a little behind, but I thought I'd finish the story of our Las Vegas Weekend!

On Saturday, we went back to Fashion Show Mall for a while and while our guy friend got haircut, My best friend and I went into Neiman Marcus and gawked and designer dresses, and even tried a couple on! (We only tried on the under $400 ones for free we might do something stupid. Anyone who knows me knows my willpower and designer dresses don't go well together.) After walking through the Prada, Badgley Mishka, Gucci, and Versace areas I asked if they had a Vera Wang section, but alas I was out of luck. So, money was saved!

We then made our way to the Forum Shops at Caesers Palace. I drooled in the windows at La Perla, Versace, Jimmy Choo, and Harry Winston (WOW!) and we watched the free (thank God we didn't pay for this) fountain show where the statues "come to life". It was some of the WORST animatronics and lighting I've ever seen. I mean, I know it was free, but come on! This is Vegas!! I expected spectacle and impressive technical elements. Not so much. Chuck E. Cheese as this show beat!

We then went to the Burger Bar for lunch at Mandalay Bay (YUM!!) and checked out the lion habitat at MGM Grand. I love those lions! I want one, but I know that's just crazy talk...

That night we saw another show- the Crazy Horse Paris at MGM Grand. I knew this was going to be a Vegas Naked girls show which I was fine with, but I was a little disappointed. SOme of it was really great, the girls were pretty and danced well but I thought I would be more impressed by it. I thought it would be more seductive than it was or something. I can't quite figure out what it was missing. I guess some of it was just that the theatrics weren't as impressive as the night before at Ka, who knows...

After the show we made our way doen the strip to see the volcano explode at the Mirage (Very cool, and also free) and then we made it to the 11:30 performance of the Sirens of TI at Treasure Island. Now, I saw this show when I was there for my honeymoon, so I knew exaclty what to expect. I told my friends to be ready for some major Las Vegas cheese, but I think they were surprised at just how cheesy this show was! I mean, some of the lyrics include "You take a whole lot of sugar and little bit of honey and you shake it, shake it up!" It's NSync dancing meets pirates...go figure, but it was still fun.

We definitely made the most of our last night in town staying out at the casinos until 4am! We didn't win big unfortunately but we had a great time. We slept for about 4 hours before getting up and heading to the airport Sunday morning. We flew over and got a great view of the Grand Canyon on the way home so that was pretty cool as well.

We had such a fun trip and the 3 of us are already talking about making another group trip somewhere. Maybe Atlantic City?!? Who knows!!

AFter getting back to Memphis Sunday night I met up with the hubby and we headed straight to the Ostrander Awards where he was nominated for best lighting design for "Oklahoma!" Neither of us really expected him to win but we were pleasantly surprised when he did! It was a great night and a great chance to say goodbye to so many people at once. The theatre community in Memphis is definitely a part of our family and our history so we were very glad we were there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More on Vegas

Now that things have calmed down and we are settling into our new home (posts forthcoming) I thought I'd update you on Vegas! I went with my two best friends from college and it was so great to be able to spend some time with them before the big move!

We arrived Thursday night and made it to our hotel (the Encore) in one piece. After putting our things down we went in search of food and ate at ZoozaCrackers in the Wynn. Wynn and Encore are "sister" properties and are connected by a shopping area. Having been to Vegas before I got to experience some of the sights and sounds but staying on the strip was a bit crazy! I mostly got caught up in taking pictures of all the designer stores- Hermes, Chanel - it was CRAZY!!!

On Friday we went to the Fashion Show Mall since one of my friends lost some of his luggage in the cargo hold. His suitcase "came open" and shorts, sandals, and shirts were lost. Boo! We hit Macy's and he got some replacement stuff. Next stop was lunch at the Mirage- California Pizza Kitchen- YUM! I had never been there before even though it's a chain and it was really good pizza!

After a bit of gambling we went back to the hotel and got changed for a Cirque show that night- Ka. I already saw Ka when I was there for my honeymoon but it was still so amazing the second time around. I'm pretty sure I could wath this show a million times and not tire of it. Everything about it is beautiful- the story, the set, costumes, lights, and the performances! I felt like a bit of a theatre dork, but oh well! I can't put into words exactly how this show makes me feel about theatre. It makes me want to do it forever and not because of the spectacle but just because of the magic they can create. If you ever have the chance to see it, GO! Run, do not walk!! Truly Beautiful!

After the show we hopped on the Deuce (the double decker bus on the strip) and went to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. There are some great free things on the strip and this is one of them. There are also some pretty lame free things on the strip, but I digress...

I'll put Saturday and Sunday into another post because I am tired and think I'm going to bed a bit early tonight. The hubby started his new job today and he had a long but good first day. I woke up early with him and made him breakfast (scrambled eggs, toast and orange juice) to get him going. Now we both must sleep!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vegas Baby!!

Well I survived my second trip to Vegas! I want to write all about it, but will save that for when I am settled and not in the middle of the move. Here are the quick facts:

1. No one got hitched.
2. No one got divorced.
3. No one went to jail.

So depending on how you look at it, it was a very successful trip to Sin City or a total failure!!

On the Move

I'm sitting at my in laws in Cincinnati tonight. We did the first leg of the trip yesterday and will finish the trek tomorrow. We expect to be in Bellefonte, PA by 5pm.

We originally reserved a 16 foot Penske truck. After my hubby did some measuring and tetris-like arranging on his computer screen (in scale) we realized that would hold our furniture and none of our boxes. We promptly called and switched to the 22 foot truck! And it was a good thing we did because it is packed full!! I'm SOOOOO glad I went to the vet with the kitties to get them drugs for the ride. I don't really like the idea of drugging my animals, but it was definitely the right thing to do in this situation. They were so calm and slept for most of the ride here. You can see pictures of them in there stupor on my facebook page. Poor things! They were like Cheech and Chong! Tomorrow they will get another dose and hopefully they will sleep again and wake up in their new home!

We had a bit of a vacation day in Ohio today. We went to the National Air Force Museum (pics to come on the Facebook) and to Young's Jersey Dairy- they make all of their own ice cream with cream from the cows right there on the farm! It was very cool and very yummy, but we had WAY too much! Then we went to our nephews football practice (he's 6) and to dinner with the fam. It was a good day, but I am beat now!! The good news is that I will sleep well again before our early start tomorrow!