Monday, March 30, 2009

It's just one more pair of shoes...

Over a year ago I found a pair of BCBGirls shoes that I loved.  I had no reason to buy them and nothing really to wear them with, but I was drawn to them anytime I walked through a Dillard's.  Then I found my rehearsal dinner dress for my wedding- it was black and white, like the shoes and I thought, now I should buy them.  

So off to Dillard's I go with my mom and mother-in-law to be.  We found the shoes tried them on, and once again I talked myself out of them.  I thought about how much the wedding would cost and why should I spend an extra $100 bucks when I had a perfectly fine pair of black pumps already that I could wear.  So once again, I didn't buy them.

Now it's months later and I want those shoes so badly!!  I can't find them anywhere, not even Ebay, in black and white.  Orange and black yes, Grey and black yes, but no black and white.  My husband thinks I have too many shoes as it is, but what husband doesn't think that about their wife?  But I've warned him, once I find those shoes again (and I will continue to search!) they will be mine!  $100 or not- I want that shoe!

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