Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's been over a month and I've made it this long! My favorite things about Pennsylvania so far:

1. The scenery- the leaves are changing, the mountains are beautiful, and the sunsets are incredible. And I can dee star here at night!

2. I'm still cooking! I've made my first pork roast, my first swordfish steak, and many of my standards- lasagna, tilapia, mexican pizza. I'm also eating more veggies, which is really good!

3. Hallmark- I actually really like working there, and I had forgotten how good I was at retail. I sometimes think I should have gone into sales with my ability to talk to anyone at any time!

4. The Shopping- Now I know I said it kinda sucked, and it kinda does, but there is one great thing about the shopping here- the stuff that sold out in Memphis is still on the shelves here and SUPER discounted cause it's already cold outside! Example- this dress was originally priced $89 in Memphis and sold out before I could even think about buying it. I get here and it's still on shelves and marked down to $46.75. I wait and last week I bought it for, drum roll please...$26.30! Oh, and I used a coupon so it was only $21.36!! WHAT?!? I know it's too cold to wear right now but the whole reason I wanted it was for my trip to Hawaii in December! PERFECT!

5. Sales Tax- That's right, I like the sales tax. Why? Because there is none on food or clothes!! Every time I buy clothes I feel like I get a deal at the register cause I forget about the lack of tax until I get there! It's great!

So things are looking up. I've met a lot of the theatre department now and the head of their stage management program asked me to come speak to his class so we're working on a time for that. Also, I'm waiting to hear about a time but I did get on email from the music dept telling me I was on the short list for the job there and will be getting an interview with the committee! Yay! Fingers still crossed on that one! And our book club met for the first time, though only 2 of us showed up. I haven't gotten a definite time for the next meeting so we'll see if that pans out or not!

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