Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanted an adventure...

And it looks like I'm getting one!

In three weeks my husband and I will be on our way to Pennsylvania with a Budget Truck and two very unhappy kitties. The husband got a WONDERFUL new job at Penn State! We are so excited but that means LOTS to do in just three weeks!

First step is to de-clutter!
Moving that far means cleaning out stuff that is unnecessary and having a yard sale. There's enough to move with just the necessities so I'm going to try VERY hard to not be a pack rat. Anyone who knows me knows I save a lot of junk. I can't help it that I want to save every party cup I ever painted in college!!

Step 2- Find an apartment IN PENNSYLVANIA!!
Not an easy task when you're in Tennessee and don't actually know anyone where you're moving! And it's a college town which means every apartment complex I've found is already fully rented for the year. Ugh. The good news is that I got in touch with a realtor today and they are going to see how they can help us find a place. Fingers crossed!

Next I figure out the best way to get my two sweet kitty cats to Pennsylvania without scarring them for life.
I am not above drugging them a little if it will make 14 hours in the car easier on their sensitive tummies and moods! I'm hoping to start taking them for little car rides here and there this week to help them adjust a little. Wish me luck!

And of course, find a job for me!
I'm hoping that my working part time at a hotel here will transfer nicely to a hotel there. That will at least give me something until I find my true calling!!

So here we go! I'm collecting boxes and I've already started packing things up for the big move. Everyone keeps warning me about the snow and I'm not sure how to prepare for a winter like I've never known but hopefully I'll have some time to ease into it. I'm excited about fall in Pennsylvania. Surely the leaves change there and I will really experience autumn like I never have before. This is all very exciting for us! And get this, it's illegal to NOT recycle there!! I kind of love that!! We're excited about moving somewhere that really cares about their town and the area. It will definitely be a change from Memphis!!

So stay tuned to see how this Southern girl survives up north!!


  1. Wow!! Will miss you in Memphis but CONGRATS on the life move and I'm so happy for you and Ken!

  2. Thanks!! We are really excited and this is such an incredible opportunity for both of us!!