Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking Flight

I don't get to travel much. Until June of this year I have flown a total of 3 times, in my entire life! Between June and the end of this month I will have doubled the number of flights I've taken.

In June I flew to California for my cousin Kimmy's funeral. It was a horrible reason to fly anywhere and the worst reason to finally get back to see my family there. However, it was a beautiful celebration of her life and it actually turned out to be a pretty decent trip in the long run. I got to spend more time with my aunts, uncles and cousins than I have in a very long time. And I even got to go to my first major league baseball game with a friend from Memphis that is now living in Long Beach. The best part of the trip however was getting to spend some real time with my cousins. I'm the youngest of all the cousins and despite the fact that we are all grown adults now, I always felt a little bit like the kid in the room. This trip sort of changed that in a lot of ways though. My two female cousins and I became a bit inseparable while we were there. We had so much fun and laughed and told stories about Kimmy and just really bonded. We decided that the three of us need to find a time and place to go on a trip together. I know it would be a blast and I really hope we find a way to make it happen.

In July, I was flown to Amherst, MA for a job interview. This was interesting because I was traveling alone to a place where I had no friends or family. Usually I hate going out to eat alone and not having someone to share an experience with, but this was totally different. It was a quick trip but very empowering in a way. I won't talk about the interview here because I don't think a blog is the proper place for such things. I will talk about how great it was to be somewhere completely unknown and in a part of the country I've never visited. The town was adorable and everyone was very friendly.I think what I liked the most though was that I was completely alone, but felt totally safe and comfortable walking around on my own, even at night. I ate in adorable restaurants (Had the BEST pizza ever at Antonio's) and looked in adorable shops in Amherst Center. Who knows, maybe this is where my next adventure in life will unfold!!

Next up, I'm going to Las Vegas at the end of the month! This is purely a fun trip with two friends from college. I've been to Vegas once before, on my super awesome honeymoon, and am looking forward to going back. It will be a ton of fun with friends and hopefully we will all leave with some money and unmarried for them, still married for me! Ha! I'll keep you posted on how the trip goes, even if What Happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there!

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