Sunday, August 23, 2009


The yard sale is over!! HOORAY!!!!

And I think it was quite successful! We sold quite a lot and what didn't sell went straight to goodwill. I am very proud of the amount of clothes that I sold or gave away. Everything I've been keeping for 3-5 years thinking I would one day fit into again I just got rid of. Downsizing was the goal and we certainly did that. There are fewer things in the house to box up and I am glad for that!

It would not have been so successful had it not been for the help of our good friends who donated quite a lot to the sale to help us gain funds for the move. It is so wonderful to know that we have friends out there that want to help! I will certainly miss being close to them when I'm up in Pennsylvania. I know we will make new friends, but it will be weird to not have them just down the street for a shopping trip or a movie.

So now it's time to continue packing. I'm going to start boxing up clothes today and try to leave only what I will need for Vegas and the work week out. Tonight is my last night of work at the hotel (thank goodness) and I will be home every evening packing away! I've made a list of what needs to be done- changing address (done), canceling utilities, canceling the internet, reserve the moving truck (done), and re-connecting everything at the new place. There's more on the list and I am sure the list will keep growing. For now it's one step at a time!!

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