Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Move

I'm sitting at my in laws in Cincinnati tonight. We did the first leg of the trip yesterday and will finish the trek tomorrow. We expect to be in Bellefonte, PA by 5pm.

We originally reserved a 16 foot Penske truck. After my hubby did some measuring and tetris-like arranging on his computer screen (in scale) we realized that would hold our furniture and none of our boxes. We promptly called and switched to the 22 foot truck! And it was a good thing we did because it is packed full!! I'm SOOOOO glad I went to the vet with the kitties to get them drugs for the ride. I don't really like the idea of drugging my animals, but it was definitely the right thing to do in this situation. They were so calm and slept for most of the ride here. You can see pictures of them in there stupor on my facebook page. Poor things! They were like Cheech and Chong! Tomorrow they will get another dose and hopefully they will sleep again and wake up in their new home!

We had a bit of a vacation day in Ohio today. We went to the National Air Force Museum (pics to come on the Facebook) and to Young's Jersey Dairy- they make all of their own ice cream with cream from the cows right there on the farm! It was very cool and very yummy, but we had WAY too much! Then we went to our nephews football practice (he's 6) and to dinner with the fam. It was a good day, but I am beat now!! The good news is that I will sleep well again before our early start tomorrow!

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