Saturday, September 26, 2009


is nice. That's my stock response right now, because it is in fact nice. Hubby's new job keeps him really busy (I married a workaholic) and it's definitely challenging him which is great. But for me, I'm bored. I got a part time job at Hallmark and am looking for something full time or at least another part time job that might be in my field, but there aren't a whole lot of theatre jobs in central PA. At least, not that I have become aware of yet. I have applied for a stage management job with the college of music and am very hopeful for that one.

I've become quite the housewife in the last few weeks. I clean up during the day and cook dinner so it' ready when he gets home. I've never really thought too much one way or the other about the "role of the woman" to cook and clean. I figure some women want to do those things and some don't. I really like the cooking part- it's the part of the day I look forward to the most right now. And I know the husband doesn't expect to have "dinner on the table" when he gets home, I just actually like to cook and am enjoying having the time and opportunity to do so!

As for the rest of Pennsylvania, I'm not 100% sold on it yet. And I think I will be but right now my day is spent mostly inside and I get bored easily. I have gotten out, don't get me wrong- I've explored the little town we live in, Bellefonte, and seen some of the Victorian homes in the area and I really like the quaint little downtown area- there's a lovely little coffee shop and little gift stores that are all really nice. The thing I am missing is the feeling that I have a life with friends and something outside the home. I joined a book club and we'll meet for the first time next week so I'm hoping that will help to open up my social scene a bit. And hopefully I'll get a job that will also help my social scene some and get me meeting new people.

I'm not depressed about being here and I'm not feeling dejected here, I just feel like I'm in a bit of a rut. This is the first time I've moved somewhere and it had nothing to do with me really. I am thrilled for the hubby and am so glad we are here, but now I'm ready for a reason for me to love it too, if that makes sense. I know it will happen, I've always been able to make friends in new places in the past and I am sure I will here as well.

To all my Memphis friends, I miss you guys like crazy!

And one other thing- the shopping here, not so great. I need to explore the downtown State College area more because there are a lot of boutique type stores down there but I have not found a favorite store yet. Even the Macy's is disappointing- way smaller than what I was used to in Memphis. My friends that know how much I love to shop understand why this is a concern. There is a Kohl's so I can still get Vera Wang. Thank Goodness!! At least I have Vera!!


  1. Melinda,

    Hang in there, sweets. It's never easy moving someplace new. And I feel like unless you're in college, it's not easy to have instant friends. When we moved to Kansas from NOLA, I was pretty down for a while. We did get a dog, which helped me some. And like you, I started to cook more. I also read a lot, took long walks, and journaled. I've also never been afraid to go see a movie alone! You will settle in in time. If I know you, it won't be long before you have a bazillion friends wanting to do stuff with you!

  2. I don't know if you're necessarily religious, but our Unitarian church keeps us busy with book groups, discussion groups, classes, potlucks, and all sorts of social functions for young and progressively-minded people. I took the liberty of Googling it for you, and there's one in State College, about a half hour from Bellefonte:

    You might meet some nice people to hang out with!

  3. I've actually googled them myself. We've never been super religious either, but I've always respected what the Unitarian Church is all about. I think we may try it some time. I know I'd like to anyway!